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28% of Millennials Prefer Shopping in Smartphones Rather Than Computers

Our friends at Coupofy have surveyed more than 2,000 millennials and have come up with some interesting findings in their research about mobile shopping habits. For example, did you know that the most common smartphone purchase among the millennials surveyed was for flowers?Continue Reading..

Mobile Spotlight: An Interview with Donna Peeples from Pypestream

As a lead up to the Mobile X Festival (which is happening in Atlanta on May 11th and May 12th), we’re featuring profiles of mobile industry thought leaders and experts.

Our first profile is with Donna Peeples, who is the Chief Customer Officer for Pypestream, which is a secure mobile platform that lists all businesses as Pypes in 
a searchable catalogue. Users connect to Pypes and interact with businesses in private chats enabling businesses to respond directly or broadcast messages to their entire audience.Continue Reading..

40 Essential Facts About Mobile Every Business Person Should Know

Is mobile a big deal? You bet it is. And to prove our point, we’ve collected 40 of the most important facts about mobile that every business person should know.

Ready to check ’em out? Here goes:Continue Reading..

How to Set-Up, Launch and Run a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Not long ago, I received a call from a client prospect who wanted to meet to discuss an urgent need for a mobile app.

“Hold on,” I said, “What are your business objectives for developing the app?”

“Don’t worry about that right now,” she said. “Just meet us next week at our offices.”

So the following week, I drove out to their offices where I was greeted by the CEO, the CMO and several other executives. The client prospect kicked off the meeting by saying, “We need a mobile app. How much is that going to cost?”

There are a lot of People Who Will Start a Meeting That Way. But it’s a clear sign that they’re thinking tactically without taking into consideration their objectives and strategies.Continue Reading..

41 Ways You Can Use Mobile to Grow Your Business


Have you ever wondered what secrets the Fortune 500 leverage when they use mobile to grow their businesses?

Have you ever wished you had a cheat sheet of tools and techniques that you could use when you were brainstorming ideas for your next mobile campaign?

Continue Reading..